Sweetness, authenticity and eco-sustainaibility. Theese are the three fundamental bases in our work. Nowadays Sikanima produces lemons, Vittoria grapes and three different types of tomatoe: Ciliegino, Datterino and Piccadilly. Each of them are grown with hard work, passion and research.


Cherry-shaped fruits in a fishbone cluster, with small, round, berries of an intense red.

This tomatoe features a very bright skin and has a unique pulp texture, not to mention its sweetness with its high BRIX grade.



It has a high sugar content which makes a tasty, sweet, tomatoe.

It has very few seeds on the inside and a thin skin on the outside. To eat it raw, both for its taste and its health properties.



It’s really sweet and small, it has a high fiber content.

Famous for its smooth skin, which makes it perfect for cooking unique taste sauces. It has a bright shade of red, which makes it recognizable among other varieties.



With its typical elliptical shape and its wrinkled skin,

it has countless healthy organoleptic properties and a unique fragrance. Bring the original taste of Mediterranean Sicily to your table.

cal lim


It has big round berries of a bright yellow, with very juicy pulp.

Grape Vittoria is one of the most digestible, nourishing, energetic kinds of grapes, and possesses many therapeutic properties, including antioxidant and detoxifying ones.

cal uva
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